What do you get when a whole community of people pour their time, effort and love into a deserving couple?? It’s the Gift Worth Giving wedding, and it’s an incredible celebration of love created in 2011 by a trio of Bozeman, MT wedding wizards: Jena Silverness of Silver Lined Weddings, Megan Jacks of After 5 and Weddings, and Larry Stanley of Montana Wedding Photographer. What’s great about The Gift is that everyone involved feels the LOVE; once you jump into the self perpetuating cycle of giving you never want to leave.

We’re thankful to be involved in the 2012 Gift Worth Giving wedding and encourage everyone to think about the couples in their lives: is there a couple you know who embodies the spirit of giving? A couple whose love has triumphed during hardships? A couple who makes everyone around them feed GOOD? If so, direct them to the Gift Worth Giving Application page here. Application are being accepted through January 3rd, 2012.

So, in the spirit of The Gift, let’s all use this holiday season to focus on giving and become aware and open to all of Life’s opportunities (both big and small) to give.